No Matter Where You Are in Your Practice, There’s Good & There’s Bad

Starting a private practice is both exciting and scary. There’s so much you don’t know that you don’t know. It’s overwhelming trying to find what you need on the very noisy internet. It’s easy to feel adrift and anxiety is likely to grow in the waiting-for-the-phone-to-ring time.

Growing a private practice is both exhilarating and frustrating. Getting over the hump of scheduling your first few clients feels amazing, but the plateau that often follows is demoralizing. You wonder what changed, what you’re doing wrong, whether the first clients were a fluke.

Optimizing a full private practice is both reassuring and stressful. You worked so hard to get full and your time isn’t being spent in the ways you’d hoped. In fact, you don’t know where your time is going. Or your money. You have so much more of both than you used to and it still feels like not enough.

I’ve Been There. I Know the Way Out Of The Bad

I’ve had private practices in 3 different states, in 3 different sized cities (small, medium, and large… call me Goldilocks). Plus two maternity leaves, which felt like mini-re-starts. I’ve felt the panic of no one calling, the worry about whether people would keep calling, and the I’m-too-busy stress that comes with a full, but not optimized, practice.

For years I’ve offered individual and small group practice-building services. I’ve helped over 1,000 people through consultation. I’ve seen the themes that pop up whether the therapist is in a small town in Texas, the heart of London, or working virtually from wherever they’re traveling. Here’s what I’ve seen:

5 Things Prevent Private Practice Success

  1. Not Knowing How Get Referrals
  2. Not Knowing How to Get Interested Clients in The Door
  3. Not Knowing How to Retain Clients
  4. Not Having Solid Business Practices
  5. Not Having Support and Guidance

The Abundance Party Helps With All of These

What’s the Abundance Party?

It’s a monthly Membership Site. For a low monthly fee you get access to all the information and peer support you need to grow a thriving practice. Courses, Trainings, the Opportunity for Individual Support, and a close-knit Community to help you build.

The Abundance Party has multiple courses:

Marketing Fundamentals so you’ll know how to get referrals in ways that work & don’t feel slimy.

What to Say When: Scripts and Templates For Counselors in Private Practice so you’ll know how to get clients in the door, retain them, and communicate your business practices in ways clients appreciate.

Find Your Niche Mini-Course so your marketing efforts make sense.

And at least one new course added every 6 months (the next is on Full Practice Optimization.)

The Abundance Party has recorded monthly trainings based on what the community wants to learn:

These are usually live so you can ask questions and get very clear guidance.

You’ll have access to all previous months’ trainings no matter when you join.

The August Training is How to Market a Therapy Group with the Group Guru, Katie Keates May. She’s going to walk us through the considerations and steps for getting a group off the ground.

In September, we’re walking through the nuts and bolts of money in your practice and in your life with Linzy Bonham.

The Abundance Party includes the opportunity to work with me 1:1.

Each month 4 people who are newer to practice and 4 people who are established will get a 1:1 consultation with me at no extra cost. These are recorded so the whole community can learn from your brilliant questions. And if you consent, it may be on the podcast, too.

The Abundance Party Facebook Group is exclusively for current members. It’s smaller than the gigantic Abundance Facebook Group and I’ll be in there 3x as much so I can really get to know you and your practice. You’ll be able to make deeper connections with your fellow members due to the more intimate nature of the group.

And You Can Afford It

For past Abundance Practice Building Group and Inner Circle Graduates, the monthly rate is $49.00.

There’s a 6 month minimum to sign up. There’s so much information in there, I want to make sure you don’t have to rush to try to learn it. If after 6 months you feel like your needs have been met, you can cancel anytime.

Stop Wasting Time, Get the Skills and Support You Need to Build the Practice You Want NOW.


What does it cost?

You can sign up and lock in at $49/month.  That means if you stay a member for 50 years, you’ll still be paying $49/month 50 years from now.

Is there a minimum amount of time?

Yep! There’s a 6 month minimum to join. You can cancel anytime after that if you feel like your needs are met. I’ll save you the “getting out your calculator”/”struggling with math in your head” stuff. That totals $294 over 6 months at $49. There’s going to be a ton of stuff to go through in there, so you’ll need at least 6 months to pore through it. Plus we’ll have trainings every month, a new course every 6 months, 8 individual consults to watch or participate in each month… there’s going to be a constant flow of info and even if you cherry pick, it’ll take some time to get through it.

My practice is pretty full. Is there anything in there for me?

I’ve got you covered. Four of the 8 individual consultations are slated for folks farther along in their practice. The next course that will be available is geared toward you guys, too. Helping people optimize their full practices (streamlining systems, automating as much as possible, outsourcing, working less and making more, being more efficient) is a passion of mine. I also love helping people scale and explore what’s next in business.

You Can Have What You Want. The Abundance Party Can Help You Get There.

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