Returning Voicemail

If you get his/her voicemail and it just has their name on it (vs a home phone voicemail)

“Hi [Potential Client], it’s [your first & last name]. I’m returning your call from earlier about scheduling an appointment. I will be available [these times] today or [these times] tomorrow to talk if those are convenient for you. Otherwise you’re welcome to email me at [your email address] to set up a time if that’s more convenient.”

If he/she answers

“Hey [Potential Client], it’s [your first & last name at your business name if you have one]. You called earlier about setting up a counseling appointment. Are you in a place where you can talk about that?”

If yes, proceed to initial phone call.

If no, set up a time to talk within 24 hours if possible.

If someone else answers the phone

“Hi, I’m calling for [Potential Client] is s/he available? Will you just let her/him know that [your first name] returned her call? Thanks!”

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